Steenhaeghe is always looking for investments where value can be added in a creative way with the intention of making the investment profitable in the long run.

Since 2002 we (co-) founded various companies which have grown successfully. Our passion is to think creatively about existing processes, appearance, (outdated) business models and improve them where possible. Our network, (business) experience and the possibility of capital injection are our strengths.

Thereby we are great at purchasing and (re) developing neglected real estate. Over the past 20 years we creatively renovated numerous buildings (and gardens). We are creative and devoted to draw for hours until we accomplished a perfect lay-out. We acquire and develop a limited number of projects each year, which gives us the opportunity to provide every object the required involvement. This process guarantees that each project obtains its own character.

We create successful companies that are ready for the future

We really like

  • Participating in creative and innovative start-ups or existing companies with ambitious entrepreneur(s) which want to make a difference;
  • Company takeovers of entrepreneurs who have to /want to stop their company for various reasons;
  • Real estate, approaching neglected properties in a completely new and exceptional way, by establishing an effectively new concept to create long-term revenue.
  • Brainstorming, optimizing and creating value in a smart way where someone else might fail to notice;
  • Companies and entrepreneurs who believe that economic success and solutions for a better world goes hand in hand and are adequate to make this step forward together with us;
  • Assist as a confidential advisor / sounding board for creative entrepreneurs who have (business) dilemmas or are puzzled with other difficulties.


  • Honest, decently, and trustworthy
  • Doing business in a discrete and nice way
  • Common sense: Keep it simple!
  • Strong in region The Hague